Zooprax Productions Professional Videographer and Still Photographer


My name is Derek Reich and I would like to welcome you to Zooprax Productions. I started this company in 1985 in a daring move to think I could support myself as a professional photographer. I'm still here, which means it must have worked. I live in Heber City, Utah where I find myself surrounded by the mountains and wildlife I hold dear to my heart. In this location I find it is simple to up and head for a shoot anywhere in the west within a day's drive or a few hours flight.

My profession started doing hunting videos in the mid-80s, along with working with a CBS affiliate in Denver until about 1990. At that point I went free-lance and have worked with a wide array of networks and producers on a variety of themes. Most recently I find myself focusing more on environmental photography.

Conservation is such an important subject in today's society and one that I feel needs to be presented to the public as much as possible to make sure all aspects of the world's environment and resources are still available in their limitless beauty for generations to come. When I'm not traveling on shoots I dedicate my time and talents to grizzly bear conservation groups striving to help the public better understand this great bear and how to live among them.